Bastrop serves as the parish seat of Morehouse Parish and is proud to be part of the “Sportsman’s Paradise” region of the state. Bastrop is a Main Street Community where a number of annual events are held at the beautifully restored courthouse. Citizens gather in the historic downtown area to enjoy various celebrations and concerts centered there. Anchored by the restored 1914 Parish Courthouse and the Rose Theater, Bastrop is also home to the Snyder Museum and Creative Arts Center – which is housed in the circa 1929 home of a leading local family. In addition, volunteers lead heritage appreciation tours for children and interpret the history of the parish using local artifacts. The campus serves all of beautiful Morehouse Parish, as well as many of the surrounding areas in northeast Louisiana and southeast Arkansas. In addition to being a leading agricultural center in the region, the Morehouse area is home to many health care facilities and industrial operations, as well as Chemin-a-Haut State Park, which boasts some of the oldest forests in the state.LDCC-Bastrop is located just off Highway 165 North – and the Bastrop airport location, 6376 Airport Rd., also serves as a training site associated with the College. Population in Bastrop is a little over 11,000.


729 Kammell Street/Mailing: P.O.Box 71120
Bastrop, LA

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Layonda Millsap Hardie, Campus Director Interim