Public Relations


Darian Atkins
Executive Director: Community & Public Relations
(318) 345-9265


The Public Relations Department of Louisiana Delta Community College exists to promote the programs and activities of the college, market the institution in its communities, and help to ensure education opportunities are known to those who seek them.

The responsibilities of the Public Relations Department to employees and college clubs & organizations are to support departmental needs with creative services including business cards, stationary, materials for public consumption (i.e. flyers, posters, brochures, etc.,) promotion of events/programs, assistance with planning events/programs, ordering/proofing of promotional items, and photography for events. This department is also responsible for the overall management of LDCC related social media, regardless of the host department, and the website. Therefore, the department has to be included as one of your site's administrators. Note links for more information and guidelines for services.

The Public Relations Department also acts as the liaison between the College and the media. Many times our media will want to include the College as part of a story or cover something regarding the College. They may contact you in order to do so. All inquiries should be forwarded to this department. Participation in interviews representing the College has to be approved; therefore, even introductory questions from reporters should be redirected to the Public Relations Department. 

The primary responsibility of this office is to manage our brand - how we're perceived internally and externally. Having a consistent image and message greatly impacts that. Therefore, all material for public consumption must be approved before disseminating. Logos can be requested from the Public Relations Department by email; however, a proof must be submitted and approved before use. PowerPoint, Fax Covers, and poster/signage templates are available for download. 

 We are here to serve, so please call or email with questions you may have.